Knesset Members create "Christian Allies Caucus"

Knesset Members created the "Christian Allies Caucus" on January 5th in recognition of the importance to Israel's security of the international pro-Israel Christian community. The caucus is the first of its kind in Knesset history. Its purpose is to streamline communications and coordinate activities between the Knesset and Israel's Christian allies. The caucus is also intended to increase awareness, both in Israel and the international community, of Israel's appreciation for the many and varied contributions that its Christian supporters have made to the well being of the people of Israel in their day-to-day lives. News of the creation of the caucus was made simultaneously to the American Christian community during a live broadcast from Jerusalem of the "Janet Parshall's America" radio program.

Dr. Yuri Shtern, Chairman of the National Union Party, and Yair Peretz, Chairman of the orthodox Shas Party, will co-chair the caucus. The caucus MKs will reflect the current make-up of the Knesset so that the views of all of Israel's citizens will be represented in the caucus' deliberations. "Israel has no better friend in the world than the United States, and that is in no small part due to our Christian friends in America, and we hope to see the same happen in Europe and elsewhere. Our shared values and beliefs, based on our common Judeo-Christian heritage, are the source of the strong ties between us, and in the post 9/11 world, our long-standing relationship has become more important than ever before," said Chairman Shtern.

Representatives of the three major Christian Zionist Organizations-Bridges for Peace, Christian Friends of Israel (CFI), and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)-with operations offices here in Israel will attend the caucus' inaugural meeting to discuss areas of cooperation with the caucus MKs. Upon hearing the news, Malcolm Hedding, Executive Director of ICEJ, said, "We welcome this initiative as an opportunity to further support Israel by making known to Knesset Members the vital work that Christian Zionists do for and on behalf of the State of Israel."


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