One in Messiah Congregation

Topic: Your Biblical Hebrew Roots from the Scriptures not Judaism

Learn the differences between a Jew from the Scriptures and a Jew from Judaism

Location:6971 Sunnywood Dr., Nashville, Tn. 37211

Date: Every Saturday at 12:00 p.m. central time and on the paltalk program

Questions? call 615 591-9820 or join us any Saturday at 12:00 p.m. for Sabbath study like in: Acts.13: 13, 14, 15, 27, 42, 44, Acts.15:21, Luke.4: 16, 17

Instructor / Minister : Angelo ( Malachi ) Bennetti -

Texts used:

1. King James Version ( English )

2. Hebrew TaNaKh ( Hebrew )

3. The analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon

4. Various Biblical Hebrew grammar books, concordances and dictionaries


Unit One: Introduction

Why this topic?

Why does this concern me?

The difference between Scriptural Hebrew Roots and Judaism

The meaning of the word Hebrew. Who is Israel?

Unit Two: The Feasts and holy days of the Lord in the Scriptures

The Biblical calendar - God's New Year

What is the new moon all about? ( rosh chodesh )

Names of the months in the Hebrew Scriptures

Why should I be interested in these Feasts of the Lord?

The Feasts of the Lord ( pertaining to Yeshua / Jesus )

The Sabbath - the 4th commandment, who changes it?

Unit Three: Questions, you may have never considered

Who was the New Covenant, Testament given to?

What scriptures did Yeshua / Jesus or Paul read from?

What is sin?

Do Jewish believer have a different gospel to follow then gentile believers?

Unit Four: Is your bible Holy? ( introduction to bible versions )


free - Introduction to Biblical Hebrew , call for dates 615 591-9820


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