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Prov.29 [18] Where there is no vision, the people perish:

but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.


My vision in the past was to have a school, camp, even music classes.


After 17 years, I see the world is not conducive to our doctrinal teachings.


There are just too many Jesus’, gospels, spirits, bibles, internet teachings to deal with.


The 21 century would even baffle Paul and the rest of the Apostles.


My new vision starts like this:


Come and learn about topics never discussed in your church or synagogue like this:

The calendar of God

The feasts of Yehovah

The 7th day Sabbath


Clean and unclean, and many more…


Have questions?  Come, let us reason together.

We at One in Messiah Congregation are part of the Israel of God.


We are connecting people around the world for true fellowship in Messiah.


Let us know where you live, perhaps we know people there so you can fellowship with them.


We desire to have a One in Messiah Congregation all around the world so people can fellowship in Messiah Yeshua.


Come and praise the Messiah with us!


If you would like to contact me any time, just call 615 712-3931


Email me,


I hear some people say,

Where I live, no one believes in the Sabbath, Feasts of Yehovah, etc.


I don't know where to go for services. I am all alone.


Have you ever wondered?


Does anyone know of true believers in my city?


Maybe we can connect you to someone in your city


I would love to have a congregation to attend where I live, how do I find one?


Why don't the believers in Messiah have their own community with like-minded people?


Where can I find true fellowship in Messiah?


Where can I go for the Sabbath?


Where can I learn the Scriptures?


Where can my children go to school?


I have so many questions, where can I seek scriptural counsel on these matters?


I want to tithe but don't know who to partner with.


I need answers from the scriptures on how to prove who is the Messiah.


The list of questions goes on and on…


Contact me any time at 615 712-3931


Please join us with your prayers, fasting, dedication and finances.


Please call us if you would like to help at 615 712-3931.


All of us together as, One in Messiah Congregation, we shall see these


Godly desires turn into Godly realities.


Join us to learn about the Messiah from the Hebrew Scriptures


To study Scripture


To learn how to answer anti-missionaries


For a full Messianic education


For prayer time and fasting


To learn about the Sabbath


To learn about the Feasts of Yehovah


For introduction to the Hebrew language


To learn your connection to the Israel of God


Please bring all questions -  We are teachers

Congregation Vision Statement


The One in Messiah Congregation is going on 18 years old this year, 2019.


We, at our congregation have a Bible school that builds an integrated model on "Biblical" education, which encourages and facilitates family involvement and lifelong learning.


We embrace diversity of backgrounds as we seek to celebrate our common bonds of Messianic identity: intellectually, spiritually, and culturally.


All of our values are taught from a biblical perspective; all decisions are made within the framework of biblical thought.


We seek to increase biblical knowledge in the many of our disciplines in the areas of Hebrew, History, Social Justice, and all areas of everyday life …with the Bible as our anchor.


We seek to strengthen the relevance of believers in the Messiah as the foundation of everyday living.


We pray to find families that delight in meaningful biblical exploration in informal, yet structured environments.


We encourage all to seek the knowledge of God in scriptural readings, praying, fasting, writing, discussion, liturgical expression and non-traditional (play, art, music, acting, and nature) realms.


We strive for biblical enrichment in the home, and any other environment you may encounter. (In school, at work we should be testimonies for God)


We believe God for a faculty that promotes Godly education.


After a few years of attending our congregation you should be able to teach others.


Our teachers should have child- centered focus, embody professionalism, knowledge, dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, patience, and accountability.


They must share their time to ensure the continuation of biblical growth and development, with their own biblical education as a priority.


Our biblical congregation is a home away from home, a holy place.


Our passion for the scriptures pervades our curriculum, celebrations, surroundings, behaviors, attitudes, and approaches.


We believe at One in Messiah in living the sacred values we teach.


We teach God's kindness, compassion, fear He deserves, His truths, His righteousness.


We feel compelled to see those values in our congregation – school classrooms, offices, playgrounds and all aspects of a believer's life.

We want to come together to celebrate the joys of the Messiah and His observances, as we create a safe haven for behavior and involvement.


We believe that education occurs both inside and outside of our congregation.


The Bible is a way of life and therefore needs to be encountered through a variety of experiences.


We take these thoughts very seriously.


As a result, the following programs are included as part of our biblical educational program.


We plan to have a family education at One in Messiah Congregation designed to promote Messianic and biblical practices as a way of life.


Our programs will help our families to become more involved in a "biblical life" and in school.


Parents who also attend our biblical studies should demonstrate to their children that biblical learning is a lifelong and family centered process.


All parents are encouraged to participate in the studies.


Some subjects will involve exploring ways to observe the yearly holy days and Shabbat with scriptural source background.


We would love to have other likeminded professionals join us.


We will look into many concerns of society, culture, and religion from a variety of different scriptural perspectives.


Our curriculum, studies will be designed to teach our children about the Feasts of Yehovah and observances that are part of biblical requirements.


We realize that these "Feasts of Yehovah" should be practiced and observed.


It is of great importance for families to experience these feasts of Yehovah and the Sabbaths in an individual as well as communal setting.


We encourage you to engage in these observances in your home and to join the One in Messiah family when we celebrate together the Feasts of Yehovah.


We would love, one day to organize a trip to Israel.


A Biblical summer experience offers an intensive exposure to the ideals and values of the Messianic community in a unique setting.


We will encourage all children to take advantage of these fine programs.


Financial assistance, we pray, will be available through the offerings we receive.


As you can see, we believe God for many things.


He is a BIG GOD.


I say again, please join us with your prayers, fasting, dedication and finances.


Please call us with all and any ideas you may have at 615 712-3931.


In One in Messiah Congregation, we hope to see these Godly desires turn into Godly realities.


Prov.11 [30] The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.


Praise Yah!


One in Messiah Congregation

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