<html> <head> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=unicode"> <title>question Rabbis, Protestants, Catholics etc.</title> </head> <body lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=purple style='tab-interval:.5in'> <div class=WordSection1> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>A few scriptures to think about<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span>Read all Hebrew, Galatians, Romans, Acts..... Just read all the Scriptures :-)<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>---------------<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Don't be afraid to question rabbinic, Talmudic, <span class=SpellE>Kabbalistic</span> Judaism, Protestants, Catholics etc...<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Don't be misled when trying to research your Hebrew roots like many people. Don t be misled into the studies that change the <span class=SpellE>TaNaKh</span>. <o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'><br> Find you real Hebrew roots by the people of God in the Scriptures!<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>-------------------<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Question Rabbis about forgiveness for sins<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Question Rabbis about scriptures pertaining to the Son<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Question Rabbis on scriptures that say different men saw God.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Get spiritual inspiration from God. Seek God, His word and the people of God.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>What are your thoughts on the scriptures below?<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5358956"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1John.2</span></b></span></a>[<b>23</b>] <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Whosoever <span class=SpellE>denieth</span> the Son, the same hath not the Father</span></b>:<b> (but) he that <span class=SpellE>acknowledgeth</span> the Son hath the Father also</b>.</p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=4780424"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>John.5</span></b></span></a>[<b>22</b>] <b>Who is a liar but he that <span class=SpellE>denieth</span> that Yeshua is the Messiah? </b>He is anti-messiah, that <span class=SpellE>denieth</span> the Father and the Son<span class=GramE>.[</span><b>23</b>] <b>That all men should <span class=SpellE>honour</span> the Son, even as they <span class=SpellE>honour</span> the Father.</b><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> He that <span class=SpellE>honoureth</span> not the Son <span class=SpellE>honoureth</span> not the Father which hath sent him.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5366330"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1John.4</span></b></span></a>[<b>3</b>] And<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> every spirit that <span class=SpellE>confesseth</span> not that Jesus Christ ( Yeshua the Messiah ) is come in the flesh is not of God: </span></b>and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.</p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5369027"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1John.5</span></b></span></a>[<b>11] And this is the record, that </b><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>God hath given to us eternal life,</span></b> and <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>this life is in his Son<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'>---------------------</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Peter said the</span></b> <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>traditions from your fathers are vain. <o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5332737"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1Pet.1</span></b></span></a>[<b>18</b>] Forasmuch as ye know that <b>ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold</b>, <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;</span></b>[<b>19</b>]<b> But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot</b>:<br> [<b>20</b>] Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,</p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=4553016"><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Mark.7</span></b></a>[<b>6</b>]<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> He, Yeshua </span></b>answered and said unto them, Well hath <span class=SpellE>Esaias</span> prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> <span class=SpellE>honoureth</span> Me </span></b>with their lips, but their heart is far from <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>me.</span></b>[<b>7</b>] Howbeit<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> in vain do they worship me, teaching for <span class=SpellE>doctines</span> the commandments of men</span></b>.<br> [<b>8</b>] For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.<br> [<b>9</b>] And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Yeshua said He is God and we should worship Him in the Spirit.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=4773937"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>John.4</span></b></span></a><b><span style='font-size: 13.5pt'>[24] God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Paul left the Jews religion<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=4981673"><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Acts.22</span></b></a>[<b>3</b>] I am verily a man which am a Jew, born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> brought up in this city at the feet of <span class=SpellE>Gamaliel</span>, and taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers</span></b>, and was zealous toward God, as ye all are this day.[<b>4</b>] And I persecuted this way unto the death, binding and delivering into prisons both men and women.[<b>5</b>] As also the high priest doth bear me witness, and all the estate of the elders: from whom also I received letters unto the brethren, and went to Damascus, to bring them which were there bound unto Jerusalem, for to be punished.</p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5163541"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Gal.1</span></b></span></a>[<b>13</b>] For ye have heard of my conversation in time past <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>in the Jews' religion</span></b>, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it:[<b>14</b>] And profited in <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>the Jews' religion </span></b>above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Phil.3<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p>[<b>1</b>] Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not <span class=GramE>grievous</span>, but for you it is safe.<br> [<b>2</b>] Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, <span class=GramE><b>beware</b></span><b> of the concision</b>.<br> [<b>3</b>] For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.<br> <b>[4] Though I might also have confidence in the flesh. If any other man <span class=SpellE>thinketh</span> that he hath whereof he might trust in the flesh, I more:<br> [5] Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee;<br> [6] Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless.<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p><b><br> </b><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[7] But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.</span></b>[<b>8</b>] Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,</span></b>[<b>9</b>] And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:[<b>10</b>] That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;[<b>11</b>] If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.[<b>12</b>] Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.[<b>13</b>] Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do,<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> forgetting those things which are behind</span></b>, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,[<b>14</b>] I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.</p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'>--------------------</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Jews and Gentiles study together. All One in Messiah<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=4932262"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Acts.13</span></b></span></a>[<b>14</b>] But when they departed from <span class=SpellE>Perga</span>, they came to Antioch in <span class=SpellE>Pisidia</span>, and went into the synagogue on the <span class=SpellE>sabbath</span> day, and sat down.[<b>15</b>] And after <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>the reading of the law and the prophets </span></b>the rulers of the synagogue sent unto them, saying, Ye men and brethren, if ye have any word of exhortation for the people, say on.</p> <p>[<b>42</b>] And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue,<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> the Gentiles besought that these words might be preached to them the next <span class=SpellE><span class=GramE>sabbath</span></span>.<br> </span></b>[<b>43</b>] Now when the congregation was broken up, many of the Jews and religious proselytes followed Paul and Barnabas: who, speaking to them, persuaded them to continue in the grace of God.<br> [<b>44</b>] And the next <span class=SpellE><span class=GramE>sabbath</span></span> day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God.</p> <p><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Acts.15</span></b>[</span><b>1</b>] And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.<br> [<b>2</b>] When therefore Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension and disputation with them, they determined that Paul and Barnabas, and certain other of them, should go up to Jerusalem unto the apostles and elders about this question.<br> [<b>3</b>] And being brought on their way by the church, they passed through <span class=SpellE>Phenice</span> and Samaria, declaring the conversion of the Gentiles: and they caused great joy unto all the brethren.<br> [<b>4</b>] And when they were come to Jerusalem, they were received of the church, and of the apostles and elders, and they declared all things that God had done with them.<br> [<b>5</b>] But there rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed, saying, <span class=GramE>That</span> it was needful to circumcise them, and to command them to keep the law of Moses.<br> [<b>6</b>] And the apostles and elders came together for to consider of this matter.</p> <p><br> <b>[7] And when there had been much disputing, Peter rose up, and said unto them, Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel, and believe.<br> [8] And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us<span class=GramE>;</span><br> [9] And put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith.<br> [10] Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?<br> [11] But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p><b><br> </b>[<b>12</b>] Then <span class=GramE>all the</span> multitude kept silence, and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul, declaring what miracles and wonders God had wrought among the Gentiles by them.<br> [<b>13</b>] And after they had held their peace, <b><span style='font-size: 13.5pt'>James answered</span></b>, saying, Men and brethren, hearken unto me<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>14</b>] Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name.<br> [<b>15</b>] And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written<span class=GramE>,</span><br> [<b>16</b>] After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up:<br> [<b>17</b>] That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things.<br> [<b>18</b>] Known unto God <span class=GramE>are</span> all his works from the beginning of the world.<br> [<b>19</b>] Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>20</b>] But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.<br> <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[21] For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every <span class=SpellE><span class=GramE>sabbath</span></span> day.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'><br> </span></b>[<b>22</b>] Then pleased it the apostles and elders, with the whole church, to send chosen men of their own company to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas; namely, Judas surnamed <span class=SpellE>Barsabas</span>, and Silas, chief men among the brethren:<br> [<b>23</b>] And they wrote letters by them after this manner; The apostles and elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren which are of the Gentiles in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia:<br> [<b>24</b>] Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls, saying, Ye must be circumcised, and keep the law: to whom we gave no such commandment:<br> [<b>25</b>] It seemed good unto us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men unto you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul,<br> [<b>26</b>] Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.<br> [<b>27</b>] We have sent therefore Judas and Silas, who shall also tell you the same things by mouth.<br> [<b>28</b>] For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things;<br> [<b>29</b>] That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.<br> [<b>30</b>] So when they were dismissed, they came to Antioch: and when they had gathered the multitude together, they delivered the epistle<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>31</b>] Which when they had read, they rejoiced for the consolation.<br> [<b>32</b>] And Judas and Silas, being prophets also themselves, exhorted the brethren with many words, and confirmed them.<br> [<b>33</b>] And after they had tarried there a space, they were let go in peace from the brethren unto the apostles.<br> [<b>34</b>] Notwithstanding it pleased Silas to abide there still.<br> [<b>35</b>] Paul also and Barnabas continued in Antioch, teaching and preaching the word of the Lord, with many others also.<br> [<b>36</b>] And some days after Paul said unto Barnabas, Let us go again and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they do.<br> [<b>37</b>] And Barnabas determined to take with them John, whose surname was Mark.<br> [<b>38</b>] But Paul thought not good to take him with them, who departed from them from <span class=SpellE>Pamphylia</span>, and went not with them to the work.<br> [<b>39</b>] And the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other: and so Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus<span class=GramE>;</span><br> [<b>40</b>] And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.<br> [<b>41</b>] And he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>We are saved by Faith, through grace. The term Law always gets misconstrued. Many times Paul is talking about the <span class=SpellE>Levitical</span> priesthood.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5290843"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Heb.7</span></b></span></a>[<b>11</b>] <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>If therefore perfection were by the <span class=SpellE>Levitical</span> priesthood</span></b>, <b><span style='font-size: 13.5pt'>( for under it the people received the law,) </span></b>what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of <span class=SpellE>Melchisedec</span>, and not be called after the order of Aaron?[<b>12</b>] <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>For the priesthood being changed</span></b>, there is made of necessity <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>a change also of the law.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Peter was reproved by Paul<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Gal.1<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p>[<b>1</b>] Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the <span class=GramE>dead;</span>)<br> [<b>2</b>] And all the brethren which are with me, unto the churches of Galatia<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>3</b>] Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ,<br> [<b>4</b>] Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:<br> [<b>5</b>] To whom be glory <span class=SpellE>for ever</span> and ever. Amen.<br> [<b>6</b>] I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>7</b>] Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.<br> <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[8] But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.<br> [9] As we said before, so say I now again, <span class=GramE>If</span> any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Gal.2<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p>[<b>1</b>] Then fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took Titus with me also.<br> [<b>2</b>] And I went up by revelation, and communicated unto them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to them which were of reputation, lest by any means I should run, or had run, in vain.<br> [<b>3</b>] But neither Titus, who was with me, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised<span class=GramE>:</span><br> [<b>4</b>] And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in <span class=SpellE>privily</span> to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:<br> [<b>5</b>] To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.<br> [<b>6</b>] But of these who seemed to be somewhat, (whatsoever they were, it <span class=SpellE>maketh</span> no matter to me: God <span class=SpellE>accepteth</span> no man's person:) for they who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me:<br> [<b>7</b>] But contrariwise, when they saw that the gospel of the <span class=SpellE>uncircumcision</span> was committed unto me, as the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter;<br> [<b>8</b>] (For he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles:)<br> [<b>9</b>] And when James, <span class=SpellE>Cephas</span>, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship; that we should go unto the heathen, and they unto the circumcision.<br> [<b>10</b>] Only they would that we should remember the poor; the same which I also was forward to do.<br> <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[11] But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed.<br> </span></b>[<b>12</b>] For before that certain came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles: but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were of the circumcision.<br> [<b>13</b>] <span class=GramE>And</span> the other Jews dissembled likewise with him; insomuch that Barnabas also was carried away with their dissimulation.<br> <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[14] But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all, If thou, being a Jew, <span class=SpellE>livest</span> after the manner of Gentiles, and not as do the Jews, why <span class=SpellE>compellest</span> thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews?<br> </span></b>[<b>15</b>] We who are Jews by nature, and not sinners of the Gentiles<span class=GramE>,</span><br> [<b>16</b>] Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.<br> [<b>17</b>] But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ, we ourselves also are found sinners, is therefore Christ the minister of sin? God forbid.<br> [<b>18</b>] For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.<br> [<b>19</b>] For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God.<br> [<b>20</b>] I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.<br> [<b>21</b>] I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness <span class=GramE>come</span> by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Gal.3:</span></b>[<b>1</b>] O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?[<b>2</b>] This only would I learn of you,<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?<br> </span></b>[<b>3</b>] Are ye so foolish?<b> <span class=GramE>having</span> begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p align=center style='text-align:center'><b>-----------<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:18.0pt'>We do not need the Temple any more, we are the Temple.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5078070"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1Cor.3</span></b></span></a>[<b>16</b>]<span style='font-size:13.5pt'> <b>Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God <span class=SpellE>dwelleth</span> in you?<o:p></o:p></b></span></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5140882"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>2Cor.6</span></b></span></a>[<b>16</b>] And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> <span class=GramE>for</span> ye are the temple of the living God; </span></b>as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:18.0pt'>We do not need the <span class=SpellE>Levitical</span> priesthood any more.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5290843"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Heb.7</span></b></span></a>[<b>11</b>] <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>If therefore perfection were by the <span class=SpellE>Levitical</span> priesthood</span></b>, <b><span style='font-size: 13.5pt'>( for under it the people received the law,) </span></b>what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of <span class=SpellE>Melchisedec</span>, and not be called after the order of Aaron?[<b>12</b>] <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>For the priesthood being changed</span></b>, there is made of necessity <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>a change also of the law.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:18.0pt'>We don't need blood sacrifices any more. Messiah did it all. Yeshua is our sacrifice and atonement.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5296837"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Heb.9</span></b></span></a>[<b>7</b>] But into the second went the high priest alone<b> once</b> every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people: </p> <p style='margin-left:1.0in'><span class=GramE>[<b>12</b>] Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.</span></b></span><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> <o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p style='margin-left:1.0in'>[<b>26</b>] For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of <span class=GramE>himself.</span> <o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p style='margin-left:1.0in'>[<b>27</b>] And as it is appointed unto men<b> once</b> to die, but after this the judgment: </p> <p style='margin-left:1.0in'><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>[<b>28</b>]<b> So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many</b>;</span> and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.</p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5301035"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Heb.10</span></b></span></a>[<b>10</b>] By the which will we are sanctified through the<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all</span></b>.</p> <p>[<b>28</b>] So Christ was<b> once</b> offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.</p> <p><b><span style='font-size:18.0pt'>We are priests.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=300491"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Exod.19</span></b></span></a>[<b>6</b>] And <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests</span></b>, <b>and an holy nation.<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5336444"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>1Pet.2</span></b></span></a>[<b>9</b>] But ye are <b>a chosen generation</b>,<b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'> a royal priesthood</span></b>, an<b> holy nation, a peculiar people;<o:p></o:p></b></p> <p><b><span style='font-size:18.0pt'>Yeshua is the high priest after <span class=GramE>another priesthood</span>.<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <p><a href="/cgi/k/kjv/kjv-idx?type=DIV2&amp;byte=5294613"><span class=GramE><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Heb.8</span></b></span></a>[<b>1</b>] Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum: <b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>We have such an high priest, </span></b>who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens;[<b>2</b>] A minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and not man. </p> <p><b><span style='font-size:13.5pt'>Shalom<o:p></o:p></span></b></p> <h5 align=center style='text-align:center'><span style='mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman"'><a href="javascript:print(document)"><span style='color: silver'>[Click Here to Print] </span></a><o:p></o:p></span></h5> <form> </form> <center><input type=button value=Back onClick="history.go(-1)"></center> </div> </body> </html>