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Shekhinah - feminine gender in Hebrew grammar

Shekhinah שכינה is the presence or manifestation of God which has descended to "dwell" among humanity. The term never appears in the Hebrew Bible ; later rabbis used the word when speaking of God dwelling either in the Tabernacle or amongst the people of Israel.

There are no rabbis in TaNaKh.

The root of the word means "dwelling".

H3427 ישׁב yashab - yaw-shab'

A primitive root; properly to sit down (specifically as judge, in ambush, in quiet); by implication to dwell , to remain ; causatively to settle , to marry: - (make to) abide (-ing), continue, (cause to, make to) dwell (-ing), ease self, endure, establish, X fail, habitation, haunt, (make to) inhabit (-ant), make to keep [house], lurking, X marry (-ing), (bring again to) place, remain, return, seat, set (-tle), (down-) sit (-down, still, -ting down, -ting [place] -uate), take, tarry.

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