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Shabbat Shalom

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


Today, in the 21 century, we are sadly using the Gregorian calendar from Pope Gregory; from the 1500’s.


Today is 2/17/2024

February -- month of Februa

Middle English Februarius
Latin Februarius "of Februa"
Latin Februa(s) "Februa" + -arius "ary (pertaining to)"
Latin Februarius mensis "month of Februa"
Latin dies februatus "day of purification"

Februarius had 28 days, until circa 450 BC when it had 23 or 24 days on some of every second year, until Julius when it had 29 days on every fourth year and 28 days otherwise.


Yehovah has His own calendar which is deleted from the world

We are now in the 12th month – called Adar, day 6


Ezra.6 [15] And this house was finished on the third day of the month Adar, which was in the sixth year of the reign of Darius the king.


Esth.3 [7] …to the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar


Today’s topic:

Most of the world hates the Word of Yehovah


Another short study for a short day


Scripture says:

Pss.50 [17] Seeing you hate instruction, and cast My Words behind you.



Jer.36 The Word came saying…

[1] And it came to pass in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah, that this word came unto Jeremiah from Yehovah, saying,[2] Take you a roll of a book, and write therein all the words that I have spoken unto you against Israel, and against Judah, and against all the nations, from the day I spoke unto you, from the days of Josiah, even unto this day.

[3] It may be that the house of Judah will hear all the evil which I purpose to do unto them; that they may return every man from his evil way; that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin.

[4] Then Jeremiah called Baruch the son of Neriah: and Baruch wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of Yehovah, which he had spoken unto him, upon a roll of a book.

[5] And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I am shut up; I cannot go into the house of Yehovah:
[6] Therefore go you, and read in the roll, which you have written from my mouth, the words of Yehovah in the ears of the people in Yehovah's house upon the fasting day: and also you shall read them in the ears of all Judah that come out of their cities.

[7] It may be they will present their supplication before Yehovah, and will return everyone from his evil way: for great is the anger and the fury that Yehovah had pronounced against this people.

[8] And Baruch the son of Neriah did according to all that Jeremiah the prophet commanded him, reading in the book the words of Yehovah in Yehovah's house.

[9] And it came to pass in the fifth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah, in the ninth month (Chislev), that they proclaimed a fast before Yehovah to all the people in Jerusalem, and to all the people that came from the cities of Judah unto Jerusalem.

[10] Then read Baruch in the book the words of Jeremiah in the house of Yehovah, in the chamber of Gemariah the son of Shaphan the scribe, in the higher court, at the entry of the new gate of Yehovah's house, in the ears of all the people.

[11] When Michaiah the son of Gemariah, the son of Shaphan, had heard out of the book all the words of Yehovah,
[12] Then he went down into the king's house, into the scribe's chamber: and, lo, all the princes sat there, even Elishama the scribe, and Delaiah the son of Shemaiah, and Elnathan the son of Achbor, and Gemariah the son of Shaphan, and Zedekiah the son of Hananiah, and all the princes.

[13] Then Michaiah declared unto them all the words that he had heard, when Baruch read the book in the ears of the people.

[14] Therefore all the princes sent Jehudi the son of Nethaniah, the son of Shelemiah, the son of Cushi, unto Baruch, saying, Take in your hand the roll wherein you have read in the ears of the people, and come. So Baruch the son of Neriah took the roll in his hand, and came unto them.

[15] And they said unto him, Sit down now, and read it in our ears. So Baruch read it in their ears.

[16] Now it came to pass, when they had heard all the words, they were afraid both one and other, and said unto Baruch, We will surely tell the king of all these words.

[17] And they asked Baruch, saying, Tell us now, How didst you write all these words at his mouth?

[18] Then Baruch answered them, He pronounced all these words unto me with his mouth, and I wrote them with ink in the book.

[19] Then said the princes unto Baruch, Go, hide you, you and Jeremiah; and let no man know where ye be.

[20] And they went in to the king into the court, but they laid up the roll in the chamber of Elishama the scribe, and told all the words in the ears of the king.

[21] So the king sent Jehudi to fetch the roll: and he took it out of Elishama the scribe's chamber. And Jehudi read it in the ears of the king, and in the ears of all the princes which stood beside the king.

[22] Now the king sat in the winter house in the ninth month: and there was a fire on the hearth burning before him.

[23] And it came to pass, that when Jehudi had read three or four leaves, he cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire that was on the hearth, until all the roll was consumed in the fire that was on the hearth.

[24] Yet they were not afraid, nor rent their garments, neither the king, nor any of his servants that heard all these words.

[25] Nevertheless Elnathan and Delaiah and Gemariah had made intercession to the king that he would not burn the roll: but he would not hear them.

[26] But the king commanded Jerahmeel the son of Hammelech, and Seraiah the son of Azriel, and Shelemiah the son of Abdeel, to take Baruch the scribe and Jeremiah the prophet: but Yehovah hid them.

[27] Then the Word of Yehovah came to Jeremiah, after that the king had burned the roll, and the words which Baruch wrote at the mouth of Jeremiah, saying,[28] Take you again another roll, and write in it all the former words that were in the first roll, which Jehoiakim the king of Judah had burned.

[29] And you shall say to Jehoiakim the king of Judah, Thus said Yehovah; You have burned this roll, saying, Why have you written therein, saying, The king of Babylon shall certainly come and destroy this land, and shall cause to cease from thence man and beast?

[30] Therefore thus said Yehovah of Jehoiakim king of Judah; He shall have none to sit upon the throne of David: and his dead body shall be cast out in the day to the heat, and in the night to the frost.

[31] And I will punish him and his seed and his servants for their iniquity; and I will bring upon them, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and upon the men of Judah, all the evil that I have pronounced against them; but they hearkened not.

[32] Then took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words.


Most of the world hates the Word of Yehovah


[1] And king Zedekiah the son of Josiah reigned instead of Coniah the son of Jehoiakim, whom Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon made king in the land of Judah.

[2] But neither he, nor his servants, nor the people of the land, did hearken unto the words of Yehovah, which he spoke by the prophet Jeremiah.

[3] And Zedekiah the king sent Jehucal the son of Shelemiah and Zephaniah the son of Maaseiah the priest to the prophet Jeremiah, saying, Pray now unto Yehovah our God for us.
[4] Now Jeremiah came in and went out among the people: for they had not put him into prison.
[5] Then Pharoah's army was come forth out of Egypt: and when the Chaldeans that besieged Jerusalem heard tidings of them, they departed from Jerusalem.

The Word came saying…

[6] Then came the word of Yehovah unto the prophet Jeremiah, saying,
[7] Thus said Yehovah, the God of Israel; Thus shall ye say to the king of Judah, that sent you unto me to inquire of me; Behold, Pharaoh's army, which is come forth to help you, shall return to Egypt into their own land.
[8] And the Chaldeans shall come again, and fight against this city, and take it, and burn it with fire.

[9] Thus said Yehovah; Deceive not yourselves, saying, The Chaldeans shall surely depart from us: for they shall not depart.

[10] For though ye had smitten the whole army of the Chaldeans that fight against you, and there remained but wounded men among them, yet should they rise up every man in his tent, and burn this city with fire.

[11] And it came to pass, that when the army of the Chaldeans was broken up from Jerusalem for fear of Pharaoh's army,[12] Then Jeremiah went forth out of Jerusalem to go into the land of Benjamin, to separate himself thence in the midst of the people.

[13] And when he was in the gate of Benjamin, a captain of the ward was there, whose name was Irijah, the son of Shelemiah, the son of Hananiah; and he took Jeremiah the prophet, saying, Thou fallest away to the Chaldeans.

[14] Then said Jeremiah, It is false; I fall not away to the Chaldeans. But he hearkened not to him: so Irijah took Jeremiah, and brought him to the princes.
[15] Wherefore the princes were wroth with Jeremiah, and smote him, and put him in prison in the house of Jonathan the scribe: for they had made that the prison.
[16] When
Jeremiah was entered into the dungeon, and into the cabins, and Jeremiah had remained there many days;

[17] Then Zedekiah the king sent, and took him out: and the king asked him secretly in his house, and said, Is there any word from Yehovah? And Jeremiah said, There is: for, said he, thou shall be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon.

[18] Moreover Jeremiah said unto king Zedekiah, What have I offended against you, or against thy servants, or against this people, that ye have put me in prison?

[19] Where are now your prophets which prophesied unto you, saying, The king of Babylon shall not come against you, nor against this land?

[20] Therefore hear now, I pray you, O my lord the king: let my supplication, I pray you, be accepted before you; that thou cause me not to return to the house of Jonathan the scribe, lest I die there.

[21] Then Zedekiah the king commanded that they should commit Jeremiah into the court of the prison, and that they should give him daily a piece of bread out of the bakers' street, until all the bread in the city were spent. Thus Jeremiah remained in the court of the prison.


Some books, visions and prophecies mentioned in the Scriptures that are missing today:

The book of the wars of Yehovah

The book of Jasher

The book of the acts of Solomon

The book of Nathan the prophet

The book of Gad the seer

The book of Nathan the prophet

The book of Shemaiah the prophet, and of Iddo the seer concerning genealogies

The book of Jehu the son of Hanani

The book of the records of thy fathers

The book of the records


The visions of Iddo the seer against Jeroboam the son of Nebat

The visions of God

The prophecy of Oded the prophet

The prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite

***Scripture never says a book of Enoch existed


many missing books - not counting visions or prophecies



Backup scriptures

Num.21 [14] Wherefore it is said in the book of the wars of Yehovah What he did in the Red sea, and in the brooks of Arnon,

Josh.10[13] And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

2Sam.1 [18] (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)

2 Chr.26 [5] And he sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: and as long as he sought Yehovah, God made him to prosper.

1Kgs.11[41] And the rest of the acts of Solomon, and all that he did, and his wisdom, are they not written in the book of the acts of Solomon? ;

1Chr.29[29] Now the acts of David the king, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of Samuel the seer, and in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the book of Gad the seer,

2Chr.9 [29] Now the rest of the acts of Solomon, first and last, are they not written in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite, and in the visions of Iddo the seer against Jeroboam the son of Nebat ?

2Chr.12 [15] Now the acts of Rehoboam, first and last, are they not written in the book of Shemaiah the prophet, and of Iddo the seer concerning genealogies? And there were wars between Rehoboam and Jeroboam continually.

2Chr.20[34] Now the rest of the acts of Jehoshaphat, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of Jehu the son of Hananiwho is mentioned in the book of the kings of Israel.

Ezra 4[15] That search may be made in the book of the records of thy fathers: so shall you find in the book of the records, and know that this city is a rebellious city, and hurtful unto kings and provinces, and that they have moved sedition within the same of old time: for which cause was this city destroyed.

2Chr 15 [8] And when Asa heard these words, and the prophecy of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and put away the abominable idols out of all the land of Judah and Benjamin, and out of the cities which he had taken from mount Ephraim, and renewed the altar of Yehovah, that was before the porch of Yehovah

Jude 1[14] And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying , Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints…(it never says a book of Enoch)


Are we missing some of these books also?

Are some of these books the same?

I noticed it says:

Book of the kings of Judah and Israel

Book of the kings of Israel

Book of the kings of Judah

Book of the kings


Book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah

Book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel

Book of the chronicles

The account of the Chronicles of king David


In closing for today:

It is sad there are many missing books, not counting visions


Believe every word, add not or diminish from it.

Remember, God’s holy name Yehovah, Yah is missing 6873 times in the English bible – it’s all gone


We still go onward in this 21 century…


May God bless your lives


Shabbat Shalom

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

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