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Shalom all in the name of Yeshua the Messiah

My life in short:

My given name is Angelo Joseph, and a made up last name, Bennetti. My relatives that are left say my last name started with a "P". (who knows by now).

I like using my name in Hebrew, Malachi Yosef.

I am 69 this year. (2023) Let me take you back to my beginning.

I was born in 1954 in Manhattan, New York.

As far as we knew, we were Sicilian and Italian.

All the time, in my younger days, my family was taken as Jewish by many people.

In my early years, I studied many years in a parochial catholic school while living in Williamsburg which is very Hasidic. Years later, we moved to Bensonhurst Brooklyn.

In 1972, I went to California where I met a so-called Lord at a church that was along the non-denominational line, like the assemblies of God. The two ministers there were Jewish believers in Messiah.

They told me I looked Semitic.

I was ordained there as a minister years later, spent 16 years in that persuasion.

I studied many religions and their beginnings.

In 1987, I left that religious persuasion. I got heavy into business. I was part owner of a clothing manufacturing corporation with approx. 90 to 100 employees.

In 2001, my mom told me her father, grandfather, changed his name and made up this Sicilian name like Chiarella,

(Probably spelled wrong) The name my mother could remember, it was something like Garafalo, also probably spelled wrong.

All I could find near to this was a Jewish person.

Also my grandfather, on my father's side, his last name was changed. All I could get was no one knew why. This was very strange to me.

Unbeknownst to me, my cousin was tracing our relatives and names came up that were Spanish like Vita, Cardona and Cantone.

I received a list of names of Sephardic Jews from sephardim.com, click here, of Jews that were cast out of Spain and Sicily and my great grandparent's names were listed. So, at this point, who really knows what we are, J

We cant really prove anything again.

In 2001, my wife Carrie and I decided to get into the ministry of the Lord together. We are always studying, even unto this day. (2022)

In 2002 we went everywhere and could not find a church that kept the 10 Commandments.

After prayer and fasting, we opened a congregation called "One in Messiah Congregation" in Tennessee where I am the minister.

One in Messiah Congregation is recognized by the state of Tennessee as a tax-exempt Congregation.

We had a radio broadcast on WNAH 1360 AM. for almost 3 years.

After I prayed and fasted, the Lord gave us a place to have studies unto Feb. 2005 when we were asked to leave. ( due mainly to the Sabbath, the 4th Commandment ).

Today we are not Catholic, Protestant or in Judaism. We are just believers in Messiah and His Word.

We now have a place to have Sabbath Services again (March 2005), the Lord answered our prayers.

Time to pray again for a location:

It is Jan.6, 2008, our last time to meet at the New Hope C. C. due to logistic concerns regarding classroom space and scheduling. (We were meeting on Saturday for the Sabbath, oh well...)

The Lord answered our prayers fast. We have a new location as of Jan. 12, 2008, Praise the Lord, a new adventure.

Lord Bless, I will keep you up to date.

The Lord answered our prayers fast again. We have a new location again as of Feb. 16, 2008 at the Bethel World Outreach Center, 5670 Granny White Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027

Well, our stay at Bethel World Outreach Center has come to an end in August 2008. (reasons unclear, no minister there, ever came to talk to us in 6 months, oh well)

Praise Yehovah, we have our own congregation building now as of Sept. 2008 - no more asking us Jews to leave. We are located at 6971 Sunnywood drive, Nashville, Tn. 37211 in Lenox Village. All welcome!!

We sold our building located at 6971 Sunnywood drive, Nashville, Tn. 37211 in Lenox Village.

We now moved our congregation to Hohenwald, Tn. 38462

It is 2023 now.

In December 2023 we are again trying to move our congregation out of Hohenwald, Tn. due to many reasons.

Please pray again for God to move us

My father passed away on August 18, 2001

My mother passed away on Jan. 29, 2004. My mom kept the Sabbath and was learning the feasts of the Lord.

My sister Joanne passed away May 3, 2013 died in her bed, sleep on her way to 63

My sister Susanne passed away May 12, 2022 died of sepsis of the liver and heart

P.S. By the way, I have the Master's Degree with a PHD and a THD!!!

Praise Him Daily and Thank Him Daily

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Psalm.122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.