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Nashville News channel 5

The Blaze - news

ABC News

Middle East Media Research Institue "Watch"


Daily Ron Paul

Conservative radio talk shows - WLAC 1510 AM Tn.

Conservative radio talk shows - 99.7 Tn.

breit bart news

Michael Savage

Drudge Report

The American Center for Law and Justice

Bill O'Reilly

U.S. Secret Service

US Army

NCIS - the Naval Criminal Investigative Service

US Department of Justice

NICS - the National Instant Criminal Background Check System

ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation


Franklin Tennessee

Los Angeles Times

The White House

Fema - Independent Study Programs

American Red Cross

Homeland Security

The NRA - National Rifle Association

Steve Gill report

The Tennessean newspaper


Rush Limbaugh

Glen Beck

Sean Hannity

Fox news

MSNBC news

EarthQuake news

Associated Press

World Council of Churches - "WATCH"

Sanhedrin's Peace Initiative 5/3/07


The Vatican "WATCH"

The Re-established Jewish Sanhedrin "WATCH"

Ha Aretz - The Land

Israel Today

Time - from cnn

Jerusalem OnLine

Kotel Webcam in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Temple Institute - "WATCH"

Jerusalem - Sanhedrin watch

Fox News

New York Times

NY Daily News



X-TERRORISTS give testimonies - video

X-TERRORISTS give testimonies - video 2

X-TERRORISTS give testimonies - video 3

Palestinian Media - "WATCH"

Terrorism Awareness- "WATCH"

Horowitz Freedom Center- "WATCH"

WorldNet Daily

Jerusalem Post

Israel National Television

Israel National Radio

Israel National News

Creation of the Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin condemned Yeshua

Knesset Members create "Christian Allies Caucus"

Sandhedrin makes a stand against the Gov. of Israel

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