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Word studies

Nanes Of Yeshua And Yah Study - 6/9/2012

Col. 2:16-17 Sabbath days not weeks - Dec. 24, 2009

Some verses in Tanak with "echad", (one), with a compound understanding - Oct. 11, 2009

Gen. 1:1 another looks at 4 words - Oct. 29, 2008

word study - Katav and graphe - 2008

A look at the word "earring (s)" in scriptures (2008)

No Plural Servant in Isa.53

Sprinkle not startle

Let us define the words church and holy

Don't be anomia - Torah-less - Law-less

Some unusual Hebrew letters in Scripture

In the Strongs & Thayer, when looking up a word, always be very careful. *Clich here* for a few examples.

Messiah followers / christians

fat, etc.- milk etc.- also a name, an Israelite: - Heleb

male, female, one blood all people

How can there be homosexusal priests, ministers and rabbis?

witch, witchcraft

sojourner, stranger, foreigner, alien etc.

30 matches for the name Jeshua, even Joshua is called Jeshua


the word God

( my ) Lord - Adonay

Yeshua is your Rabbi, Master and Teacher.

baal, many meanings

The some Greek words for everlasting in the Gospels and letters

Fast - tsum and Afflict - anah, two different words

the word startle is not in the Hebrew scriptures, SPRINKLE is!

Some interesting words, Hebrew, Jew, Israelite, Eber, etc..

Aramaic Translation of Psalm 22:1 is WRONG!!

Any interesting look at the word cohen, priest and nagid, ruler

Stone Tanach and Chumash has an agenda, beware!

The Pierced debate with the Hebrew

Part 1 - New not renew

Part 2 -New not re-newed Covenant, earth & heaven

Ye are gods, judges with Gods Word

rab, rav, rabbi

Let's look at Rav, Rabbi, Rabboni

To say that the word Jesus comes from the word Zeus shows you don't know Greek

bar, var also means "Son"

Virgin - Almah

Watch the "mixed multitudes"

Tzitzit - Fringe

Peter says people pervert Paul's letters, epistles just like the other scripture - TaNaK!

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