"ONE IN MESSIAH Congregation

A Virtual Yeshiva, a community for true believers
A Synagogue for Jews and Gentiles who found the Messiah
or who are looking for Him

Psalm 45 - King Messiah

Messiah is eternal

Curse of Jeconiah, also kown as Jehoiachin or Coniah and the virgin birth

Messiah had no earthly father

Messiah had no earthly father in rtf format with the Greek

A study of Elijah / Elias and John The Baptist

God with Us

Deity - Yeshua was clearly more than a mere man.

Who is the Saviour?

No man or woman can die for your sins

Messianic prophecies of the Messiah, Yeshua

You better believe I am He!!

You better believe I am He!!, text format

The Stone, Rock, Shepherd and Holy One of Israel

Shepherd of Israel

Stone of Israel

Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 53

Messiah is God

Rock= Mighty God, Mighty One & god in some scriptures

Yeshua is a Nazarite, He opened the blind eyes

Psalm 72 is all about the Messiah Yeshua

Yeshua the Messiah pierced in Zech. 12:10

Yeshua, Jesus has to be the Messiah

Messiah's Right to David's Throne

Isa.Chapter 9:6 with the Hebrew

Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53 with the Hebrew

Proverbs Chapt. 8

Proverbs Chapt. 8 Yeshua with the Hebrew

Jeremiah 23:5,6 with the Hebrew

Psalm 22-Messiah-with the Hebrew

The Pierced debate

The Pierced debate with the Hebrew

Pierced -scripture should be fulfilled

Daniel's Messiah

A few scriptures pertaining to Seeing God

Melchizedek, shadow of Messiah's offices, King & Priest

Yeshua/Jesus is ALIVE Today!

Messiah Yeshua is the Light of the World, no country

When was Yeshua / Jesus born?

Gentiles are grafted into the Olive Tree - Messiah of Israel

Zech. 12:10 Messiah Pierced

A Body was broken - Messiah Yeshua

Psalm 110 Messiah Yeshua

Yeshua, Jesus is Messiah and God

Son of Man & Son of God

Psalm 2 Kiss the Son, Yeshua, He rose from the Dead!

Scriptures concerning Me, Yeshua the Messiah

When Did Yeshua Die?

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