One in Messiah Congregation

Beware of Bad / False Doctrine

Genealogies Of Yeshua

Yeshua Of Nazareth - called a Nazarene

Woman Can Speak When Commissioned

Traditions Of Man - Unwashed - nothing to do with eating unclean animals

No Female Lilith Or Male Lilis in the beginning

Num. 23 [19] God is not a man, that he should "lie" explained

What are the Scriptures?

Elias Is Indeed Come, Believe It, Yeshua said it.

Let's clear up Matt.16 [28] Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here...

Lucifer, son of the morning, darkness - Lucifer is not the "morning star", Yeshua is!

Book Of Hebrews Correct

Let's clear up John. 3 [13] And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but...

Let's clear up some false doctrines today, Nov.18, 2006

The 12 Apostles, no errors here

How can there be homosexusal priests, ministers and rabbis?

Simple to show that Ruth the Moabitess was from Moab, not an Israelite.

Rashi Commentaries in Mishpatim conflict with Scripture

the Book of Life, don't get blotted out, no eternal security!!

Who was and is being taken first, and who was left? Let's read...

The BARLEY was NOT given for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years as some say!!!

What is Lashon Hara - Evil Tongue?

Generation curses? NO, God is JUST!

Who is called the "least"by the people in heaven?

Col. 2 and Romans 14 are NOT talking about the Sabbath

Yeshua said call NO MAN your Rabbi & Father!

Generation curses? NO, God is JUST!


satan is NOT on another planet or astroid

Two-House Doctrine

Nazarene Judaism - Netzari Yehudim is a FALSE DOCTRINE

Creation vs. Evolution

There are People in Heaven & Hell TODAY!

Fulfilled or to be Fulfilled?

Paradise is in New Jerusalem where the tree of life is!

Romans 9

Romans 10

Romans 11

Good & Bad doctrine

Beware of made up doctrines like the Queen of Heaven, the Shechinah ( female counterpart of God ) or the Sabbath Queen doctrine

Another gospel, another ( Yeshua ) Jesus

Haggai & Romans 9

People in Heaven & Hell now

3 or 7 heavens, no!

Moses is dead and buried

Book of Enoch, angels married women, had giants, a joke!!

Lunar sabbath is FALSE doctrine, beware!

The so-called Old Testament is done away, or nailed to the cross or you are in the so-called New Testament is a grave fallacy

It is ok to eat milk and meat together

Is the blue dye in the Tzitzit from unclean snails? No way!

Prayer of Jabez was for him, Say your own prayers!

The Blood is needed for a sin offering, not just fasting or good deeds

Answers to some Bible questions

We can expose other gods by their name

Agree to disagree on pagan doctrines, NO!

One RACE of people

Believers will be in the Tribulations

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